Usables Hire

Our extensive collection of usables for hire includes everything you need for your Cape Town events and functions. From hay bales and parasols to traffic cones and sturdy pallets. We have you covered for parties too with cake stands and extension leads. Contact us to enquire for product hire.

  • Ice Bucket on Stand

    Hay Bales (in plastic)

    0.3m(H) x 0.47m(W) x 0.9m(L)
    A plastic hay bale.
  • Ice Bucket on Stand

    Wine Barrels (Large)

    0.6m W x 1.1m H
    A large wine barrel.
  • Ice Bucket on Stand

    Wine Barrels (Medium)

    0.35m W x 0.65m H
    A medium-sized wine barrel
  • Ice Bucket on Stand

    Wine Barrels (Half)

    0.4m x 0.35m
    The bottom half of a wine barrel.
  • Ice Bucket on Stand

    Wine Barrels (Small)

    18cm W x 22cm H
  • Parasol Umbrella

    Parasol Umbrella

    2.4m, Beige
    A beige parasol.
  • Ice Bucket on Stand

    Ice Bucket on Stand

    An ice bucket, perfect for keeping wine and other drinks chilled.
  • Cake Stand

    Cake Stand

    A cake stand, perfect for holding cupcakes and other baked treats.
  • Bamboo Lamps

    Bamboo Flares

    Bamboo flares, also known as tiki torches.
  • Ashtray Bin

    A bin for throwing away cigarette buds.
  • Galvanised Bath Tub

    A galvanised tub that can be used as a bath.
  • Black Board

    A double-sided black board.
  • Coolerbox

    A storage container that keeps its contents chilled.
  • Traffic Cone

    A traffic cone.
  • Extension Leads

    Extension leads for connecting devices to power supplies.
  • Flatbed Trolley

    0.9m L x 0.6m W x 1m H
    A flatbed trolley.
  • Folding Nose Trolley

    0.5m L x 0.5m W x 1.15m H
    A folding nose trolley.
  • Pallets

    Wooden Pallets.
  • Large Crescent Moon

    2.13m H
    A large crescent moon.

We offer delivery and collection services with affordable hiring rates for our usables. If the products here don't perfectly meet your needs, we can offer alternative products that do.