Stanchions Poles / Rope / Barriers

Hire the perfect stanchion poles, rope or adjustable barriers for any event where areas need to be blocked off or people need to be directed. Contact us for product hire.

  • Black Stanchion

    Black Stanchion

    A black stanchion.
  • Gold Stanchion

    Gold Stanchion

    A gold stanchion.
  • White Stanchion

    White Stanchion

    A white stanchion.
  • Chrome Stanchion

    Chrome Stanchion

    A chrome stanchion.
  • Stanchion Rope

    Stanchion Rope

    Black, Red, Blue and Off-white ropes for stanchions.
  • White Barrier

    White Retractable Barriers

    White barriers with 2m retractable grey cord.
  • Silver Barrier

    Silver Retractable Barriers

    Silver barriers with 2m retractable grey cord.

We offer delivery and collection services with affordable hiring rates for our stanchion poles, rope and barriers. If the products here don't perfectly meet your needs, we can offer alternative products that do.