Machine hire

Bring the magic to your event with a variety of machine hires. From popcorn and cotton candyfloss to bubble and smoke machines, wow your guests in any way you want. Our machine collection also includes chocolate fountains and balloon pumps to help you decorate with ease.

  • Popcorn Machine Medium

    0.65m(H) x 0.5m(W) x 0.35m(D)
    A medium-sized popcorn machine.
  • Popcorn Machine Large

    0.9m(H) x 0.7m(W) x 0.9m(D)
    A large popcorn machine.
  • Candyfloss Machine

    A machine to make candyfloss.
  • Chocolate Fountain

    A chocolate fountain for fondue.
  • Bubble Machine

    A double turret bubble machine.
  • Snow Machine

    A remote-controlled snow machine.
  • Foam Machine

    A remote-controlled foam machine.
  • Smoke Machine

    A remote-controlled smoke machine.
  • Electric Balloon Pump

    A balloon pump. Balloons are not included.
  • Confetti Cannon

    A hand-held confetti cannon.

We offer delivery and collection services with affordable hiring rates for our machines. If the products here don't perfectly meet your needs, we can offer alternative products that do.