Birthday Numbers & Banners Hire

Make any happy birthday party pop with a big number signs and banners to decorate. Velk has a large variety of numbers, signs and fake cakes you can jump out of.

  • 13

    Number 13

    1.38m(H) x 0.9m(W)
    The number 13 on a stand.
  • 16

    Number 16

    1.38m(H) x 0.9m(W)
    The number 16 on a stand.
  • 18

    Number 18

    1.38m(H) x 0.9m(W)
    The number 18 on a stand.
  • 21

    Number 21

    1.4m(H) x 0.98m(W)
    The number 21 on a stand.
  • 30

    Number 30

    1.22m(H) x 1.28m(W)
    The number 30 on a stand.
  • 40

    Number 40

    1.23m(H) x 1.3m(W)
    The number 40 on a stand.
  • 50

    Number 50

    1.22m(H) X 1.25m(W)
    The number 50 on a stand.
  • 60

    Number 60

    1.2m(H) X 1.2m(W)
    The number 60 on a stand.
  • Happy Birthday Banner

    Giant Cake (To Jump Out Of)

    On Wheels – 1.2m(H) x 1.1m(W)
    A giant cake on wheels that you can hide in and jump out of.
  • Happy Birthday Banner

    Happy Birthday Banner (Vinyl)

    2m(W) x 0.9m(H)
    A vinyl happy birthday banner.
  • Happy Birthday Banner

    No.21 Key

    0.9m(L) x 0.45m(W)
    A number 21 key.

We offer delivery and collection services with affordable hiring rates for our birthday numbers and banners. If the products here don't perfectly meet your needs, we can offer alternative products that do.