Audio Visual

From public speaking to work presentations and even movies. Velk has a wide range of audio visual equipment for hire to make the event one that gets remembered. Contact us for product hire.

  • Wooden Lecturn

    1.84m(H) x 1.3m(W) x 0.57m(D)
    A wooden lectern.
  • Lecturn (White)

    2.3m(H) x 1.3m(W) x 0.6m(D)
    A wooden lectern.
  • Lecturn (White)

    1.9m(H) x 1.1m(W)
    A white lectern with a gavel.
  • Projector Screen

    1.5m(H) x 1.5m(W)
    A projector screen. To be used with a projector.
  • Flip Chart

    A flip chart for presentations, posters and more.

We offer delivery and collection services with affordable hiring rates for our audio visual equipment. If the products here don't perfectly meet your needs, we can offer alternative products that do.